Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence or sometimes called machine intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. Some of the activities that it is designed to do is speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving. Since Robotics is the field concerned with the connection of perception to action, Artificial Intelligence must have a central role in Robotics if the connection is to be intelligent. Artificial Intelligence addresses the crucial questions of: what knowledge is required in any aspect of thinking; how should that knowledge be represented; and how should that knowledge be used. Robotics challenges Artificial Intelligence by forcing it to deal with real objects in the real world.

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Accelerate Product Development with Machine Learning

Cloud GxP Data Processing with AI

AI Modeling, Drug Discovery, and Manufacturing

Automation in Clinical Trials Services

AI-Powered Quality Management and Supply Chain Management

Advanced Artificial Intelligence(AI) Training Course Content Overview

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science field dealing with the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.
Natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents, machine learning platforms, AI optimized hardware, decision management, deep learning platforms, bio metrics, robotics automation, text analysis, cyber defense, compliance, knowledge worker aid, content creation, emotion recognition, image recognition and marketing.
Google Duplex can make phone calls to make restaurant and hair appointments. Google Deep Mind won a global Starcraft game challenge against gaming pros. Amazon uses AI for book and product recommendations. Websites are using Chat-bots to answer basic customer queries. Airports are using image recognition for staff security. Rolls Royce is using AI for predictive maintenance and servicing of airplane engines. Informatica is using AI for compliance and data gathering and analysis purposes. Fintech is using AI to combine and analyse more diverse datasets.
“People will always be faster to adjust than computers, because that’s what humans are optimized to do.”
Dangers include having control of critical infrastructure like the power grid and going out of control or being hacked.
Automated transport, taking over dangerous jobs, robots working with humans, improved elderly care, cyborg (organic/bio-mechanic) organisms, environment monitoring and response for climate change goals.
Finding the best move in chess. Finding the best sequence of stock trades. Finding the best candidate for a job in less time. Analyzing post surgery patients to prevent relapse and re-hospitalization. Using continuous patient monitoring to gain baselines and early detection of problems. Analyzing CCTV video for anomalous behavior and security threat. IBM Watson can find insights quicker than humans. AI is being used to review and suggest corrections in contracts. AI is being used for 1000’s of customer questions per month with 95% accuracy provided in seconds.

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