Microsoft Power BI Consulting

Our Power BI Development Services

Our expert team of Microsoft Power BI developers evaluates your long-term business goals and existing data infrastructure to come up with a custom-tailored roadmap that fits your project’s needs.

Microsoft Power BI Development

Our custom-made BI software development solutions help in building an enterprise-grade BI solution. We apply ETL( Extract, Transform and Load) in our customized development with cubes and dimension tables.

Integration & Customization

Bringing seamless integration for your enterprise solutions with any third-party business intelligence system. We integrate multiple data resources like Text file, CSV file, 3rd Party API, MySQL, No SQL, Oracle, etc.

BI Consulting

Our expert Power BI consultants in India help businesses develop BI consulting, i.e., BI strategy, design, and optimizing BI architecture. Our experts apply data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) concepts.

BI Platform Services

Our Power BI Cloud Service helps businesses with personalized and dynamic dashboard development with real-time KPIs for future decision-making and strategy planning.

Security & Administration

Designing a secured architecture for your Power BI solution by deploying proper access controls and permissions is one of our fortes. We make sure that only authorized personnel can access the BI system.

OLAP & Data Visualization

Our Microsoft Power BI Developers design, develop and deploy OLAP cubes for your BI solution that improves performance and scalability. Our data visualization experts help represent complex data with interactive visuals for better understanding.

Mobile BI

Designing and deploying mobile BI solutions that give you the power to access your business data on the go. Our mobile BI solutions are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Support and Service

Power BI is an efficient business intelligence tool loaded with data visualization and analytics-rich features. It is a low-cost tool to give your users and executives a birds-eye view of what’s happening across your company.

Our Microsoft Power BI Technology Expertise

Our Microsoft Power BI service consultants excel in different platforms to serve varied BI consulting business needs.

Data Storage & Services

ETL & Data Processing

BI & Analytics

Get Custom Power BI Consulting Solutions From TetraConnects

Elevate your data visualization and business intelligence with custom Power BI consulting solutions from TetraConnects. Our expertise in Power BI empowers organizations to transform raw data into meaningful insights and make informed decisions.

Choose TetraConnects for custom Power BI consulting solutions that empower you to harness the full potential of your data. Our consultants collaborate closely with your team to identify insights, drive performance improvements, and facilitate data-driven decision-making across your organization. Transform your data into a strategic asset with our tailored Power BI solutions.

Benefits of Power BI Solutions

Power BI is a business analytics service that delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions. Here are the top benefits of using Power BI solutions:

Interactive visualizations

Power BI offers a wide range of interactive visualizations, including charts, maps, tables, and matrices to explore and understand data.

Data modeling

It has a powerful data modeling engine that enables users to create relationships between different data sources.

Mobile support

Power BI provides native mobile apps enable users to access their reports and dashboards on-the-go to stay on top of key business metrics.


You can easily collaborate on data analysis and ensure that everyone has access to the latest information.

Natural language queries

Power BI allows users to ask questions in natural language, which the tool then translates into queries.

Data connectivity

Power BI offers connectivity to a wide range of data sources, including cloud-based and on-premises databases, Excel files, and SharePoint lists.

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